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Skincare products for "The Man of the House" (wording theirs)

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The perfect craplink: Video of a Kim-Jong-ill video game, based on super mario brothers, in German, with English sub-titles. Its weird. Totally pointless. Only sorta funny. Its in German. Perfect craplink.
Everything should taste like bacon

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See that YouTube video of Awesome Party Guy during the party.

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i thought "trapped in the closet" was about gay thugs on the d.l., not pie-eating midgets?
me so holy.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

The Mitt Romney "provide your own caption" photo contest.
What daddy is going to get his little girl who he wishes was a boy.

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A most literal Crap link for the kiddies

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This actually contains the line, "use the force before intercourse." Star Wars keeps it real, yo!

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"best of" Tyra Banks moments as animated gifs ... in anticipation of the ANTM premier!

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Why are Americans idiots? (thanks zofos!)

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My eyes - the goggles - they do nothing! (Thanks Cornelius.)
Your new girlfriend is wicked smart. (Thanks Ming!)
If the Chuck E. Cheese animatronic dance review was wicked awesome.
World's biggest pool party

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Because your dog doesn't suck enough: Wiggles (thanks Ami!)

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Finally a suitable throne. (Thanks TimHunting)

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I am sick all of these bikinis, why not something wholesome for the beach. (Thanks zofos!)
Chocolate rain. Yup, I said it.

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We can't even make good crap anymore!

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My new favorite playmate. It's Crotchy!

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Who says the Danish are meek? (thanks Elijah)

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When I win the super bowl, I want to go to Fake Chinese Disneyland!!

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get everything you need at the Sex Machine

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Forbes: Your number one resource for Weed

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this kid rocks the mario bros with his eyes closed

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Hey San Diego, what do you think of this ?

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Even Mario couldn't rock this flute any harder.
Ultimate Britney Spears Experience!!!! Her hair and a bunch of other crap.

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Where were these girls when I was in high school.

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Ok, this craplink needs a bit of context. Second Life is a 3D virtual world that you get create whatever you want and interact with other freaks via the internet. Someone found a way to hook up the currency inside Second Life to real cash so you can buy real estate or whatever you want; spending got a bit out of control and Anshe Chung became the first millionaire as a result. Nerds everywhere were pumped and Cnet decided to interview Chung inside Second Life. Remember, this is a world completely tailored by freaks, so of course, mayhem ensued. This is a remix of what happened but you get the point. This is why I love the internet!

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A quick reminder for all those who forgot how to be awesome: CSI Miami

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Happy New Years, crapfolk. Here's Hasselhoff